​​Cornerstone's Christian Radio


I'm of  72 years and  in  a Ministry in Spain i feel blessed to have found this radio station im listening in my room and praising the lord ​​Ephesians 6;17 put on salvation as your helmet and take the sword as the word of God. 

Listeners From around the World

​​Silje Eitland Naggy


So i was sitting at home watching T.V programme about a film that part of the plot was in a British town Called Blackpool,When Suddenly i got a message from God that i had to contact a Pentecostal Church in Blackpool,and that i had to give them a message , so i found them on facebook page for the gatehouse Church! when i did they told me about and to pray for a christian Radio station that is Setting up in that area that needed encouragement , so then i found the Radio Station listened to it and saw a need for it to have funding i did so directly, i don't regret my decision to do this its helped me reach out and  make friends in the Uk and i love the Music and the Shows Such as the Christian Chillout show on a Sunday Night With Matthew Branson.

what a blessing this Radio to me and my village.

Peir lodds



Pei'r lodds Is a talented composer and muscian

also a dedicated listener ,he says" What a power ministry relaxing music and great shows im blessed to have my music played on this wonderful Radio Station

Diane Hale

from Georgia/ America.USA

what an incredible Blessing to Blackpool and the world i see  This Radio station blessing The world with It's ministry-Mentour and Supporter